Eternal Book Assembly

Eternal Book Assembly (EBA in short) is a spiritual/religious movement and community, based on the unifying Message of the Eternal Book. It is in line with the previous Revelations, given in both the Brahmanical and Abrahamic lines, and our spirituality reunites the essence of all.

At the same time, there is an emphasis on our Judeo-Christian dimension: the Holy Verses of the Eternal Book are in Hebrew; we keep the Principles given through Moshe (Moses), and believe in the centrality of the Mission of Yashwa (Jesus).

We define ourselves, individually, as Eternal Book Participants, and, collectively, as the Eternal Book Assembly​.

The History of the Assembly

Eternal Book Assembly dates back to 1973, soon after the Revelation of the Eternal Book was given to Omer. The first Temple of the Assembly was established in 1977, in the outskirts of Paris, France.

In 1980 the Temple relocated to Israel, first to Mount Carmel, and then to Jerusalem in 1984.

From Jerusalem, Omer wrote the Eternal Book and Commentary, which was published and printed in 1,000 copies in December 1994.

This was a beginning of a new phase of sharing the knowledge of the Eternal Book; for the first time the Word could be spread in written form.

Conferences were then given about the Eternal Book in the U.S., and a new Temple was established in New York City in February 1996. The message kept spreading westward, and the new community Temple moved to Eugene, Oregon, where in January 1997 Eternal Book Assembly was incorporated as an official religious organization.

In April 1999, the Assembly acquired a farm in Kentucky, which has since become the main community center and major Temple of Eternal Book Assembly.