The Cross

The Cross is a Spiritual Principle that is manifest throughout the Eternal Book. In this present phase of the Step of Scorpio, the most crucial significance of the Cross emerges, as the key to the Resolution, to the Triumph of the Light at the end of the process of Evolution.

The most primordial dimension of the Cross comes to manifestation in the Revelation of BEING to HIMSELF as He and She.

Their Unmanifested state is Their “Night”, Their Primeval Fusioned State, in which They are as “Asleep”, and “Indistinct”, which is the primordial “Horizontality”. (In the present human experience there is an echo of this when sleeping, which occurs most typically at night, the body then lying, in the horizontal position.)

Their Manifested state is Their “Day”, in which They are Distinct, as He and She, in Their Attributes, in Their Form, which is the primordial “Verticality”, also the most specific position of Their Form during Their Journey throughout Their Eternal Story. (And in the human experience, during the day is mostly the awake state, with the body standing, vertical.)

While They appear in Their Manifested Form, They retain Their Unmanifested State, in perfect Oneness. The Cross then represents this Unity of Their two Dimensions, Unmanifest and Manifest.

There is also a dimension of the Cross within Their Manifested Form: They stand, Vertically, He and She, Horizontal to Each Other.

When He and She expand Themselves to create the World, it is a vertical movement downward: They project Themselves in Their Feet, and manifest the Ladder of Heavens and Earth. They then expand Themselves as the Creator, Who projects part of His Consciousness from Heaven above to become the Consciousness of the Human on Earth below.

After the Human, first appearing in one form, has been made manifest as Man and Woman, the Human couple is multiplied horizontally into a multitude of Consciousnesses.

This manifestation, Vertical and then Horizontal, is the first dimension of the Cross on the level of the Human, who is at the Junction between Heavens and Earth, the link between the Original Person and the Creation.

In the “world of exile” we are in presently, due to the fragmented state of the ego, Humanity is no longer in the consciousness of Unity, and our connection to the Original Person is veiled. The ego needs to renounce his separated state of existence, die to himself as separate, and embrace the Cross, now expressed in its new dimension of Restorer of Unity.

By the beginning of our existence as egos, after the ego affirmed himself, the Son and Daughter gave us the Idea of Awakening, as a seed.

Through the process of evolution over a chain of lifetimes, the Idea of Awakening grows more and more within the soul, and the ego finally comes to the point of receiving the Cross and embracing It. At the center of the Cross, he is effused by the Water of Life flowing through the Cross, is as “melted”, “dissolved”, “extinguished”, “dies” to himself in pure Love for the Original Person and for all His parts and parcels and is reborn, resurrected, in the consciousness of Unity.

The Divine Light and Love he receives vertically, he spreads horizontally towards all Mankind, and lower vertically towards the various kingdoms of the Creation.

At the Center of the Cross is the Encounter of the Love of the Original Person and of the crucified ego. In alignment with the Primordial BEAUTY of Unmanifested BEING in Which all is undifferentiated in Unity, this Love takes back everything, dissolves everything and remanifests it purified, renewed, reintegrated into the Original Harmony.

On the Cross the renewed ego has the power to forgive all negative ideas. The Love at the Center of the Cross acts as a Principle of Conversion; absorbing and dissolving every negative idea for which Forgiveness is asked, and remanifesting it forgiven, converted. In this way takes place the actual transmutation of the negative ideas, “bad spirits” or “demons” into positive ideas, “good spirits” or “angels”. (For example transmuting violence into Gentleness.)

The red ideas are transmuted into green ideas, evil into Good. The Principle of Conversion applying to the black ideas, plagues or darkness, has a form evocative of a Torch, and transmutes black ideas into white ideas, the darkness being dispelled and transformed into Lights or Truths.

Forgiveness thus reconciles even the evil spirits, as it reconciles the ego who was identified with them.

This power of forgiveness is literally manifest once the ego is fully crucified, in the full spiritual experience of the Cross. This is so first for the Anointed of every age, who is as “Firstborn” in relation to his cosmic family. Before the full realization, all members of his family, by the power of affiliation and identification, by faith, are already reborn in the true identity, and already participate in this dimension.

This dimension of the Cross in the Great Work of Resolution was fully embodied by Yashwa (Jesus), the Anointed of the Age of Pisces.

While experiencing the Spiritual Cross and bearing It for All, he displayed It in the physical plane on the wooden Cross. In his Death and Resurrection, he made visible the power of the Triumphing Love over the darkness of separation, hatred and rejection. By exemplifying this with his very Life, he has imprinted the collective mind of all of Humanity, as “Firstborn among many brethren”(Romans 8:29).


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