Frequently Asked Questions

Do you currently hold preaching events?

At present, the knowledge of the Eternal Book is shared through this website only.

We intend to resume public presentations in the future. We will keep you informed by posting about it on the website.

Where can I get a printed copy of the Eternal Book?

Currently there are no printed copies for distribution. An announcement will be released when a new edition is published.

Is the knowledge of the Eternal Book available through other sources or other teachers?

No. The Eternal Book Assembly is the only authorized source presenting the Eternal Book, as  received and transmitted by Omer, the founder and spiritual teacher of EBA.

Since you present the Eternal Book as the final Revelation, do you imply that at present, in order to be pleasing to the Divine, one has to embrace it and join the Eternal Book Assembly?

No. Everyone has the possibility to participate in the great Plan of Resolution, even if not knowing that there is such a Plan, simply by striving to do good where they are. And this is pleasing to the Divine.

We of course welcome anyone who feels the Truth of the Eternal Book, the calling to become fully conscious Participants of the Eternal Book, but we do not proselytize.

Do you consider all Holy Scriptures as authentic?

In all Holy Scriptures there are elements of two natures: what has been actually communicated or inspired by the Divine, and what has been added by humans.

This exists in varying degrees in all Holy Scriptures.

When we quote from various Scriptures, it is in line with that understanding, focusing on the ray or part of Truth that we recognize, in the Light of the Eternal Book, without endorsing any of the human additions.