The Eternal Bo​ok

Notes about how to read the 
Eternal Book and Commentary

How to read nouns and pronouns 

In the Punctuated Text of the Verses of the Eternal Book, when a word appears in capital letters, it is to indicate a fusioned dimension (or comprising masculine and feminine), whether using the masculine or feminine form; thus "BEING" is capitalized, since referring to the complete Reality, beyond Masculine and Feminine, that is to say, comprising both Masculine and Feminine, in an undifferentiated manner, and both "HIMSELF" and "HERSELF" refer to HIM/HER; "FATHER" means "Father and Mother", "MAN" means "Man and Woman"... 

In the Commentary, for the sake of simplicity, in places where the dimension is easily understood, the masculine form, although not capitalized, has been used, to cover both masculine/ feminine and fusioned. 

Title & Numerals in the Verses 

The Punctuated Text is the literary representation of the Holy Verses with punctuation, spaces... Upon clicking on the links on the left side of the Table of Contents (Original Hebrew, Transliteration, English Text), appear the Words "Eternal Book", or " ספר עולם" (in Original Hebrew), or "Sefer Olam" (in the Transliteration). These words represent the "Title", and are not a part of the actual Text. It is needed to click on these, to enter the actual Verses.

Each of the 12 Verses (expressing the 12 Steps of the Eternal Book) is preceded by a Hebrew Letter (or combination of Letters) standing for the numerals 1 to 12. These are not part of the actual Text, but appear simply to indicate the number of the Verse; this is why they are represented between dashes ( - ב - , - א - , etc...).

The “Primordial Verse” also starts with a Letter representing a Numeral: the א Alef, standing for the Number ONE. This א Alef is represented in parenthesis, to emphasize the Dimension of Unmanifestation it indicates, and to distinguish it from the א Alef preceding the Verse of the First Step. It is an actual part of the Text, counted among the total number of Letters. It is also actually a Word in itself (Word of One Letter), counted among the total number of Words.

Table of Conte​nts

The “Primordial Verse”:


(A) HAWAYA (Berešit), translated as
(1) BEING (In the Beginning)

It represents the Unmanifested State of BEING in the Eternal Instant, prior to and after the Manifestation of the 12 Steps of the Eternal Book (and can be seen as the Center of the Circle of Time).