- Fifth Verse -


Original Hebrew:

באהבה הם משתלחים למקום ונהים הבן והבת.

והבן והבת מבטאים את דבר השמים והארץ ומתרחבים

לדמות הבורא

ובורא אלהים את העולם בשישת ימים, ואיש ואשה בצלם העליון,

אור העולם, מאחדים ארץ ושמים


BeAhaβa Hem mištalĥim laMaqom venihiyim haBen vehaBat.

VehaBen vehaBat meβat’im et Dβar haŠamayim vehaAreş umitraĥaβim


Uβore ELOHIM et ha‘Olam bešešet Yamim, veIš veIša beŞELEM ha‘ELYON,

Or ha‘Olam, meaĥadim Ereş veŠamayim

English Translation:

With Love They project Themselves into Space and become the Son and Daughter.

And the Son and the Daughter, pronouncing the WORD of the Heavens and of the Earth,

expand Themselves

in the FORM of the CREATOR

And the CREATOR makes the World in six Days, and Man and Woman

in the IMAGE of the SUPREME,

Light of the World, uniting Earth and Heavens


In the Fifth Step (Leo), They project Themselves into Space, void Sphere situated in Their Feet. So now They are manifest as the Couple Above (the Father and Mother) and as the Couple Below (the Son and Daughter). The Couple Below is absolutely identical with the Couple Above, is the Couple Above; simultaneously, They are manifest in the Realm Above as the Father and Mother, and in the Realm Below as the Son and Daughter.

The Son and Daughter are absolutely identical with the Father and Mother, but whereas He and She Above are Face to Face, Below They are Side by Side. Below as Above They are standing, and She-Who-Is at the Right of He-Who-Is.

Then the Son and Daughter pronounce Their WORD, Which appears as the Ladder of Heavens, at the top of which, in the Plane corresponding to Consciousness, is Their Own Dimension. They then expand Themselves, in the Heaven immediately below Theirs (and which corresponds to Reason), in a fusioned Expansion of Themselves, Who is the Creator.

Whereas the Father and Mother have the Form of “Adolescents”, the Creator has the Form of a “Child”. This Form, Which is fusioned and reunites the Features of He and She, appears, however, globally masculine; the feminine Aspect of the Creator is more within Himself.

The Creator first of all projects Himself in the Heaven of Emotion, in the Form of the Universal Cosmic Being, Who is a Couple, with the same Features as the Original Couple, but different Clothes.

The Universal Cosmic Being is the Representative and Archetype of the Creation.

Then in the Heaven of Foundation appears the Lord of the Law, Who like the Creator has a Fusioned Form, but different from His, appearing more in “Majesty”, as “on a Throne”. The Lord of the Law is the Exteriorization of the Holy Spirit present in the Creator.

Then the Creator creates the World in the Heaven corresponding to Space, counted as First Heaven; the Abode of the Son and Daughter being the Seventh Heaven.

Simultaneously to the Beginning of the Work of the Creation, the Lord of the Law projects Himself in the First Heaven, which He fills in a Form of Thought.

The First Heaven is “World Below” in the Ladder of the Seven Heavens, the six upper Heavens being, in relation to it, defined as “World Above”. It will itself be subdivided, on the model of the WORD, in seven planes, the lowest of which, the physical or material plane, is globally called “Earth”.

By His Word, the Creator exteriorizes, one after another, from His Thought and His Imagination, the various creations which compose the Fresco of the World. He does not consider the smallest details of what He brings into existence, this dimension of His Creation being taken care of by the Lord of the Law, Whose role is also to maintain the World.

From the Second Heaven of the Ladder of Heavens, corresponding to Foundation, the Lord of the Law presides over the First Heaven, into which He has projected and unfolded Himself, as the Lord present everywhere, Who fills the First Heaven under a Form of Thought. In this Form of Thought, He is present in everything and in each creature. It is in this Form of the Lord of the Law present in the First Heaven that He will directly take care of the details of the Work of the Creator, which He will accomplish through His creative and organizing Potency, particularized as an expansion of Himself. Likewise His other Potencies will be particularized, appearing as the “devas”, “gods” or “angels”, in charge of the Elements, the cosmic Energies, the various Functions of the universal Life.

The Lord of the Law is the Aspect of the Divine as “Supersoul”: the Bearer, Controller, Maintainer… of the Creation, which He pervades and presides over. He is the “Spirit of the Divine” Who “moved over the face of the waters” (Genesis 1.2) at the Origin of the Creation.

He is the Supersoul of the whole Creation, and of every creature individually.

Being the Expansion of the Holy Spirit present in the Creator, He is ultimately

the Expansion of the Holy Spirit in the Causal Plane, the Breath of the FATHER, of BEING, His Aspect of “Thinker”, and of “Law”; the One BREATH Who, when BEING has by Him revealed Himself to Himself, inhabits the SON, Revealed BEING, simultaneously becomes His Breath, and accompanies Him in the Game of His Manifestation.

In the Second Heaven, the Lord of the Law embodies simultaneously the “Father” Mode of the Creator.

The Dimension of the Divine present everywhere in the First Heaven is called “World of Principles”. This Plane appears as in transparency through the seven subdivisions of the First Heaven, which it pervades and contains at the same time; it is the Lord of the Law, His Thought Which bears and pervades everything, Himself unfolded. In this Plane are the Laws and Principles of the Cosmic Manifestation, and the Lord present in the First Heaven is there the Law in Person.

The Creator creates the World in six “Days”, six Steps.

On the First Day, He enunciates: “Let there be light!”, thus exteriorizing the Fire Element through the Ether, the undifferentiated spatial substance of the material plane, of the degree of “Space” in the ladder of the seven subdivisions of the First Heaven.

This is the beginning of the Material Creation. The difference between this one and the Spiritual Manifestation of the Upper Heavens resides in the fact that in the Spirit, Concepts and Forms are totally One, whereas Matter is of a different substance then the Spirit.

The material form is the expression of the Concept through Ether, each one being of a different frequency; but this difference is, precisely, of frequency only, and in essence, Matter and Spirit are One. Ether, the substance of a degree of the Word of the Creator, is spiritual. Matter therefore is a form of Spirit, but at a lower degree of manifestation, the same as ice is a form of water.

Thus, the Material World is called the “Exteriorized Thought” of the Supreme Person. In fact, the whole Manifestation of the Earth and Heavens, material and spiritual, is His Exteriorized Thought, being the realization of His Ideal in Space.

The manifestation of the Fire in the center of the sphere of Space of the First Heaven is simultaneous to the Descent of the Lord of the Law in that sphere, in a Form of Thought. This Form of the Lord, though omnipresent in this plane, as in all those of the First Heaven, resides in a central way in this primordial Fire.

On the Second Day of the Creation, the Creator manifests the Air Element, below the limit of the spatial Bulb. Four concentric layers then divide the physical plane, as follows: Fire, Ether, Air, Ether.

Then in the layer of Ether situated below the Air, two other elements come into manifestation: Water below the Air, and between Water and Fire - Earth. Now, five concentric layers fill the Spatial Sphere, the physical plane: Fire at the center, then Earth, Water, Air, and finally Ether.

Ether, the subtle element, simultaneously continues to pervade the four other elements, the whole Spatial Bulb.

On the Third Day of the Creation, the Creator gathers the Waters, allowing the Earth to emerge. A part of the Earth layer was raised, and appeared below the Air, while another part remained under Water.

The original Earth is not a planet, like the Earth where we live today, but is a plane in itself. It is not hovering in Space in rotation around the Sun, but remains in the same place, revolving around its inner Fire, the Primordial Fire of the Creation, which is the center of the Universe.

The Third Day of the Creation includes two steps; in the second, the Creator creates the vegetation.

On the Fourth Day is the Creation of the celestial bodies: the Sun, the Moon, and the five planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, and finally the stars.

Sun, Mercury, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn constitute the Septenary, symbolizing the seven Letters of the Name.


The stars are situated at the limit of heaven, in the most peripheral zone of the layer of Air; at this height, Air is more subtle. And beyond the stars is Ether.

All these celestial bodies mark the rhythm of the symphony of the Universe.

On the Fifth Day is the Creation of the fish and various sea animals and the birds and all flying creatures, in relation to Water and Air.

The Sixth Day, that of the Creation of reptiles and all crawling creatures, and of mammals, is in relation to Earth and Fire; animals who crawl on the ground represent Earth, while mammals, who walk upon it, represent Fire.

The narrative of the Creation reported in the Book of Genesis is the faithful account of what was accomplished by the Creator. For Him, the Creation of the World was like the Game of a Child, of Whom He has the Form, and Who on the Creation left the imprint of His Personality. To conclude His Creation, in this Sixth Day, the Creator manifests Himself in it in the form of the Human.

The Six Days of the Creation are grouped in three pairs. There is correspondence between the first and the fourth Day, the second and fifth Day, and third and sixth Day.

The First Day is that of the distinction between Day and Night, or differentiated and undifferentiated, Fire and Ether; the Fourth Day, the luminaries, the celestial bodies, preside over Day and Night.

The Second Day sees the manifestation of Air and Water (that of Earth as well, but this is still covered by Water), and on the Fifth Day the birds and fish are created.

On the Third Day, the Earth emerges, and on the Sixth, reptiles and mammals are created. The Third Day has a second step; the creation of the vegetation, which adorns the Earth. Similarly, the Sixth Day has a second step: the Manifestation of Man, Crown of the Creation.

Thus, the first three Days of the Creation are those of the appearance of the “background” of the Fresco, and the following three, those of the creation of the animated forms.

The Creation of the World is crowned by the Creation of Man and Woman.

The Creator creates first of all one fusioned body, like His Own, and projects above it a part of His Own Consciousness, who becomes the Consciousness, or Self, of the Human.

Simultaneously, the Universal Cosmic Being projects himself in the Heaven of Accomplishment in the Form of the Superbeing, Representant of Man in the Upper Heavens.

The Creator then extracts the feminine aspect from the fusioned body, accomplishing the same on the level of the Consciousness, and thus the Human Couple is manifested, in the Image of the Divine Couple.

Simultaneously, the Superbeing, from his originally fusioned Form, appears in his Form of Couple; and at this same moment, the two Halves of the Universal Cosmic Being expand Themselves in the Heaven of Beauty in the Form of the Couple in Nectar, in Union of Love.

The Consciousness of Man, stemming from the One of the Creator, has in himself a feeling, a sensation of Being, proceeding from His, and appears with the Memory of having himself created the World, in the Creator.

Man (Man and Woman), although "extension" of the Creator, is called "partial Expansion", or "Parcel", in contrast with the plenary Expansions dwelling in the upper Heavens, for though he is essentially a Consciousness, expanded from the Creator, this Consciousness is associated with the six other degrees of the Word, down to a created, earthly, body.

The plenary Expansions, in contrast, are Each a complete Word, immediately manifested as a Whole; in Them, Consciousness and Form are totally One, wholly spiritual, like for the Original Person.

Man is therefore the Link between the Earth, Plane of the Creation, and the Heavens, that of the Expansions.

Though all the Expansions of the Unique are One with Him (for it is He Who has unfolded Himself in all), and can all, from one angle or another, be considered as Himself in the Form of His Expansion, or His Glory, the plenary Expansions are more literally Himself, and Man His Glory.

At the end of the Fifth Step, the Creator, by His Word, multiplies the Human Couple...