- Fourth Verse -


Original Hebrew:

ואמרת היא-אשר-הוה:

אם נעשה עלם במקום, עלם משלם!

ואמר הוא-אשר-הוה:

הבה נעשה העולם ההוא!

כאן מתחל חלום העולם


Veomeret Hi-Ašer-Howa:

Im na‘ase ‘Olam baMaqom, ‘Olam Mušlam!

Veomer Hu-Ašer-Howe:

Haβa na‘ase ha‘Olam hahu!

Kan matĥil Ĥalom ha‘Olam

English Translation:

And She-Who-Is says:

If We made a World in Space, an Ideal World!

And He-Who-Is says:

Let Us make this World!

Here begins the Dream of the World


In the Fourth Step (Cancer), He and She (and She first), after having meditated on Their Attribute of Space, see in It the potentiality of being the Receptacle of a Manifestation, Expression of Their Talents, and Field of Existence of Expansions of Themselves who would share Their Love.

By this Thought, She-Who-Is clothes Herself with the Aspect of “Mother”. What delights Her the most at this Moment is the Thought of the Joy He would have to make this Work with Her.

He-Who-Is naturally answers positively, and what delights Him the most is the Joy She would have to make this Work with Him.

They imagine the World.

The Concept of Dream does not mean that the World is illusory, for all in BEING is pure Reality, including His “Dream”, Manifestation of His Power of Imagination, of His Creative Potency.

Beginning to dream the World, He and She had the Vision of it. Maintaining it in Their Thought, They enter into a dreamy, poetic mood. Each of Their Acts, each of Their Thoughts is Poetry, but here this is particularly manifest.