Our Mission

The purposes of the Eternal Book Assembly include the following:​

To bear witness to and proclaim the Unity of the Divine Being, our Heavenly Father and Mother, Whose Story is the Eternal Book

To establish a brother-sisterhood in which the members develop love for the Father and Mother, and for each other and Humanity at large, in the awareness that all are spiritual parts and parcels of the Father and Mother

To spread the Knowledge of the Eternal Book, delivered by Omer, the Spiritual Teacher of the Eternal Book Assembly

To present the Way of the Eternal Book – including various spiritual practices, based on Tradition and the present Revelation, as well as guidelines for a pure way of life- which enables one to actually experience the Eternal Book, and achieve his/her true identity as spiritual part of the Father and Mother, participant in Their Cause

To promote the congregational chanting of the Holy Names of the Divine, as recommended in various Holy Scriptures of the World

To invite believers from all religious or spiritual background who are desirous to come to common understanding to study the unifying Message of the Eternal Book