Symbol Hebrew letter it represents How it is pronounced Additional information

Alef mute, expressed as a very brief interval between the sounds preceding and following it in the transliteration of the Eternal Book, it appears only once, 
meßat’im (in the 5th Verse)
ß Bet (when pronounced Vet) “v”
h Hey as an expired “h”
w Waw “w”
v Waw “v”
ĥ Ĥet between the Spanish “j” or german “ch” and a strong "h" can be pronounced like the Spanish “j” or german “ch”
k Kaf “k”
ķ Kaf ( when pronounced Ķaf​) like the Spanish “j” or german “ch”
‘Ayin indicates a guttural sound, which needs not be pronounced
ş Şade as an emphatic “s”
Quf “k” Quf is a bit more guttural than Kaf, but in practice there is no need to make a difference
š Šin “sh”
s Sameķ or Sin "s" as in “soul”
t and h (th) represents the two sounds “t” and then “h” not to be confused with the English “th”