- Sixth Verse -


Original Hebrew:

כך, באדם, חושב בצלם החושב, השלמה יצירת העולם,

בריאת השמים והארץ

כך גלוי היסוד ברחבו


Kaķ, beADAM, Ĥošeβ beŞELEM haĤOŠEβ, hušlema Yeşirat ha‘Olam,

Briat haŠamayim vehaAreş

Kaķ galuy haYESOD beROĤBO

English Translation:

Thus, in MAN, Thinker in the IMAGE of the THINKER, is completed the Opus of the World,

the Creation of the Heavens and of the Earth

Thus is manifested the PRINCIPLE in HIS EXTENT


...And the accomplishment of this is the beginning of the Sixth Step (Virgo): now exists the Universal Man in a myriad of couples, all in the Image of the Father and Mother, bearing Their very Features.

Simultaneously to the Multiplication of Man, takes place that of the Superbeing; thus, to each member of Mankind corresponds a Superbeing.

We were all present, the same unfolded in a Circle around the Field of the Creation, each one of us united with his/her other half with whom he/she forms only One, as the Father and Mother are One.

Thus the Sixth Step is the one of the completed World, at the end of the Sixth Day of the Creation.

The Expansions of the Original Person dwell in the Seven Heavens as follows:

Seventh Heaven : The Original Person Himself in His Form of the Son and Daughter.

Sixth Heaven : The Creator, ​Expansion of the Son and Daughter.

Fifth Heaven : The Universal Cosmic Being, ​Expansion of the Creator, Representative and Archetype of the Creation.

Fourth Heaven : The Couple in Nectar, ​Expansion of the Universal Cosmic Being.

Third Heaven : The Universal Man, as well as the Lord of the Law present everywhere, expanded from His Original Form in the Second Heaven.

Second Heaven : The Lord of the Law, Manifestation of the Holy Spirit present in the Creator.

First Heaven : The Universal Man, as well as the Lord of the Law present everywhere,

expanded from His Original Form in the Second Heaven.

The Universal Man, Man and Woman, is the end of the Descent of the Principle of Son.

The SON, in His Ultimate Dimension, is Manifested BEING, the revealed Original Person, He and She.

Then a Chain of Expansions is manifested, in which the “Father” and “Son” Principles alternate: the Couple Above is FATHER in relation to the Couple Below, the Creator is SON of the Couple Below, and Man is Parcel of the Creator.

Man is the Son at the center of the Creation, as the Father and Mother had the Vision of him in the Fourth Step. In him converges the Fresco of the World of which he is the synthesis. Thinker in the Image of the THINKER, he is the seal of the Word and the Spirit of the Whole Creation, of all the Creatures, animate as well as inanimate, which carry his ideas and bear witness of them. The dimension of his Thought, Plane of Ideas or Cosmic Mind, is the “Garden of Eden” described in Genesis.

The trees and their fruits are its Reasonings, the Tree of Life in the Middle of the Garden being the WORD Itself. The Book of Genesis also reports that, in addition to the “fruit of the trees”, Man received for food “every herb”, whereas the animals received only the “herb”. The “herb” symbolizes the emotional, psychic plane, in which are the imprints of the ideas.

Thus Man thinks and feels, and the animals (as well as globally, the whole of Nature), bear the ideas of Man in their own psychic, emotional sphere, and reflect them.

In the original consciousness of Man, Spirit and body are distinct. The Spirit does not have the perception to be the body, but is above it. Simultaneously, the Consciousness, through a form of radiation, penetrates all the planes including the body, but without literal “incorporation”.

The Universal Man comprises seven planes, on the seven levels of the Word of the First Heaven, including the physical plane.

The seven planes of the Universal Man are:

The Cosmic Consciousness

The Plane of Ideas, also called the Cosmic Mind

The Psychic Plane of Emotion and Imagination, also called the Astral Plane

The Plane of Sentiments

The Plane of Energies

The Plane of the Senses

The Physical Plane

These seven planes are summarized in four:

Consciousness and Mind : Spirit

Psychic and Sentiments : Soul

Energies and Senses : Vital

Physical : Body

The four planes can be seen in a more simplified way as three, with the vital plane being considered a subtle dimension of the physical plane:

Consciousness and Mind : Spirit

Psychic and Sentiments : Soul

From the Energies to the Physical Plane : Body

There is also another perspective, from which the mind is both part of the spirit and of the soul, and the sentiments are on a distinct plane, as follows:

Consciousness and Mind : Spirit

Mind and Psychic : Soul

Sentiments : Heart

From the Energies to the Physical Plane : Body

The entire Creation is the Extent of the Principle, of the WORD, in the Play of Its Spreading Out in a multitude of planes and forms symbolic of the Qualities and Potencies of BEING.