- Seventh Verse -


Original Hebrew:

ומביטים הוא והיא בעולם המשלם הזה, מתבוננים בהודם וששים,

עם כל משפחת השמים והארץ

והכל טובל באהבתם


Umabitim Hu veHi ba‘Olam haMušlam haze, mitbonenim beHodam vesasim,

‘Im kol Mišpaĥat haŠamayim vehaAreş

Vehakol toβel beAhaβatam

English Translation:

And He and She, contemplating this Ideal World, meditate on Their Glory and rejoice,

with the whole Family of the Heavens and of the Earth

And everything bathes in Their Love


In the Seventh Step (Libra), the Original Person contemplates the World, Masterpiece of Poetry and Science, which bathes in His Joy, His Love, in the most perfect Harmony. It is the Phase of Rest after the Work of the Creation, simultaneously Seventh Day in relation to the Six Days of the Creation, and Seventh Step of the Eternal Book: the Original Shabat.

In an exchange of Thought with the Original Person, we were meditating on His Qualities and manifested Glories. This Meditation is symbolized in the Book of Genesis by "eating of the fruits of the trees of the Garden". Our only Activity, full of Bliss, was to taste the Divine Perfections, Activity which was at the same time Game and Glorification. Such is the natural attitude of the Expansion: being Glory of the Source - Glory means "What is manifested" - she glorifies Him.