- Ninth Verse -


Original Hebrew:


הכל, בעולם ממעל

כמו בעולם מתחת,

מצהיר אחדות מושלמת!

זאת ההפתעה אשר נותן הבן לאב, עדות הזמנים!

האב והאם, אשר עבורם עברה שניה אחת בלבד,

יודעים את תולדות הזמנים.

ורבה היא שמחת היחיד, בכל דמויותיו



Hakol, ba‘Olam Mima‘al

Kmo ba‘Olam Mitaĥat,

Maşhir Aĥdut Mušlemet!

Zot haHafta‘a ašer noten haBEN laAβ, ‘Edut haZmanim!

HaAβ vehaEm, ašer ‘aβuram ‘aβra Šniya Aĥat bilβad,

yod‘im et Toldot haZmanim.

Veraba hi Simĥat haYAĤID, beķol Dmuyotav

English Translation:


Everything, in the World Above

as in the World Below,

manifests the Most Complete Unity!

This is the Surprise that the SON gives to the FATHER, the Testimony of Times!

The Father and Mother,for Whom a single Second had passed,

learn the History of Times.

And great is the Joy of the UNIQUE, in all HIS Forms


The Father and Mother, one Second after Their envisaging the idea of non-Being, pronounce the Sentence of Resolution, say: "But: Everything, in the World Above as in the World Below, manifests the Most Complete Unity!". This is the Ninth Step (​Sagittarius). At this point They do not realize what has taken place during Their Second: Their Formulation of the Resolution is for Them the natural continuation of Their Dialogue, and They do not feel it has been inspired to Them. Which is actually true, since They are the Only One, and it is Their Own Thought of Resolution Which has been at Work during the Temporal Parenthesis, under the Guidance of Themselves as the Son and Daughter, and borne by us, Their parts and parcels. Simultaneously, there is the Divine Game of what has taken place, and immediately after the Father and Mother have pronounced the Solution, the Son and Daughter give Them the "Book of Hypotheses" (the Record of the Temporal Parenthesis of the Eighth Step), reveal Them all that has taken place during the Second of Separation. He and She then experience two mingled tastes: of all the affliction of the separation, and of all the Joy of the Work of Resolution. The bitter taste appears first, and then the sweet taste, which at the end remains alone, for everything is concluded in the Resolution. They then rejoice with us, Their Expansions and parts and parcels, in the Joy of the blissful Surprise which has been presented to Them, and of all the Work of Resolution.