- Eighth Verse Part 4 -

Original Hebrew:

ובאחרית תולדות ההתפתחות והפתרון, מנצח האור.


Uβeaĥarit Toldot hahitpatĥut vehaPitaron, menaşeaĥ haOr.

English Translation:

And at the End of the Story of Development and Resolution, triumphs the Light.


The seed of Awakening had been given to us, but it could not bear fruits as long as the universal ego was remaining in the mental dimension of Eden, beyond the physical plane. In this dimension, each one of us, even though identified with being a separate individual, was perceiving the ideas and mental movements of all, and thus everyone was blocked by his intimate perception of the other. We had to descend to the physical plane, to be identified with the material body, so that feeling "secured" by this envelope we would be able to "move" mentally, and therefore evolve towards Resolution.

We were thus projected into the physical plane, which we were previously only situated above without being identified with it; and eventually into a replica of the original Creation (which will remain intact till the final Awakening), and which is like a parallel universe: it is the world in which we are presently, the "world of exile".

This "world of exile" is of lower energy compared to that of the Original World, even though it is a reflection of it, moreover comprising very different laws: those of birth, decay, death, etc... These laws are characterized by a rigor totally foreign to the Original World where everything was only Joy, Knowledge, Eternity. This rigor expresses the separated state of Man, which brings about that of the whole Creation, of which he is the Bearer and the Spirit.

In this world we evolve along a chain of successive incarnations, from the lowest levels of ignorance, affirmation of ego, materialism, to the loftiest spiritual state of loving dedication to the Divine and His parts and parcels.

In His Work of Redemption, the Divine displays His deepest Qualities, and shares Relationships with His awakened parts and parcels in a deeper way even than originally, though it was already the absolute Perfection. Originally, we were naturally One with the Original Person; now that we have an ego, endowed with free will, whose natural tendency is to conceive oneself as independent of Him, our willing surrender and Participation in His Cause has a great value, and implies a unique dimension of Relationship. Originally Love is manifest through a natural, simple, sense of Unity; now that separation has been manifested, other expressions of Love are displayed, both from the Divine to the Human, and from the Human to the Divine.

Originally, all share exactly the same Relationship with the Original Person; now, due to separation, different personalities are borne by the various egos, and each one experiences a unique relationship with Him. This is the transcendental nature: there is a constant increase in Bliss as in Knowledge, though each Step is completely full. So the trial of separation taking place in the Eighth Step brings about an increase of manifestation of the Divine's Potency; and the Glory of the New Creation (the spiritual order displaying the Resolution) is even greater than the original one.

During the Work of Resolution, the great Human Family is divided into Cosmic Families of souls, who each achieve awakening under the guidance of an Anointed Shepherd, Age after Age. The Time of Cosmic Evolution, which takes place during one Second of the Step of Scorpio Above, is divided into twelve Ages, which unfold in the reverse order from that of the Twelve Steps, starting with Scorpio and ending with Sagittarius.

The Wheel of the Ages within the Wheel of the Eternal Book

At each Age the Divine manifests Himself, gives through the Anointed a particular Message on the mode corresponding to the spirit of the Age, and taking into account the fragmented condition of Humanity. Inside an Age, He may also send Messages through Prophets, and additionally inspire various spiritualities, with different levels and angles of understanding. All this is part of the same global Plan and ultimately prepares the Human to sacrifice his ego in pure Love for the Divine and His parcels, to embrace the spiritual Cross.

This essential Message was fully accomplished and exemplified, at the dawning of the Age of Pisces, in the Sacrifice of Yashwa (Jesus) on the physical Cross, in his Death followed by his Resurrection, which imprinted the collective human mind with the Image of the death and rebirth on the spiritual Cross.

The Message of the Age of Aquarius, into which we are entering, is the Revelation of the Eternal Book, which simultaneously brings to light the full dimension of the Mission of Yashwa, and of all the previous Revelations, and enables Man to fully know​ the Divine, our Heavenly Father and Mother, and thus love Him as He is, love Them as They are, and become a conscious participant in Their Plan and Story.

In this Message is the end of all fragmentation. It is the beginning of the Messianic Age, which will culminate in the Age of Sagittarius.

Original Hebrew:

אז נאמרה אמרת ההתעוררות:

ואנו לבסוף ערים

ואנו מאחדים לנצח!

מנוחה גדולה לבורא

אז נאמר הפתרון לרעיון אי- ההויה:

הכל, בעולם ממעל

כמו בעולם מתחת,

מצהיר אחדות מושלמת!

ועולה הפתרון לאב ולאם)


Az neemara Imrat haHit‘orerut:

Veanu liβsof ‘erim

Veanu meuĥadim laNeşaĥ!


Az neemar haPitaron lera‘yon i-haHAWAYA:

Hakol, ba‘Olam Mima‘al

Kmo ba‘Olam Mitaĥat,

Maşhir Aĥdut Mušlemet!

Ve‘ole haPitaron laAβ velaEm)

English Translation:

Then is pronounced the Sentence of Awakening:

And we are at last awake

and we are united for Eternity!


Then is pronounced the Solution to the Idea of non-BEING:

Everything, in the World Above

as in the World Below,

manifests the Most Complete Unity!

And the Solution ascends to the Father and Mother)


At the end of the Age of Sagittarius, all of Mankind is awakened, the original Fresco of cosmic Harmony is reconstituted, and Man, now endowed with an ego, participant in Divine Unity, pronounces the Sentence of Resolution, which he himself embodies: "Everything, in the World Above as in the World Below, manifests the most complete Unity!". And this Sentence ascends to the Father and Mother Above, to usher in the Ninth Step (Sagittarius): this is the "Shooting of the Arrow of Sagittarius", by the "Centaur ", Realized Man, Bearer and Witness of the Unity between the World Above and the World Below.

Original Hebrew:

/ כך:

בינה הוגה אי-הויה

אך חוכמה מתנגד

אך בינה מעירה לחוכמה

שאם הוא מתנגד הוא מניח

על כן חוכמה מודה (. . .) /


/ Kaķ:

Bina hoga i-HAWAYA

aķ Ĥoķma mitnaged

aķ Bina me‘ira le Ĥoķma

še im Hu mitnaged, Hu meniaĥ

‘al ken Ĥoķma mode (. . .) /

English Translation:

/ Thus:

Intelligence conceives non-BEING

but Wisdom is opposed to it

but Intelligence points out to Wisdom

that if He opposes it, He supposes it

which Wisdom admits (. . .) /


At the end of the world of Hypotheses (symbolized by three dots in parentheses at the end of the Verse) is concluded the temporal parenthesis opened at the end of the Dialogue of the Father and Mother.