- Eighth Verse Part 3 -

Original Hebrew:

טעמו איש ואשה רעין זה, והאני נולד בצער.


Ta‘amu Iš veIša ra‘yon ze, vehaani nolad beşa‘ar.

English Translation:

Man and Woman tasted this idea, and the ego was born into torment.


The Cosmic Consciousness of Man and Woman tasted the idea of non-Being, which brought about the appearance of the ego, or strictly individual consciousness.

Before, even though the Cosmic Consciousness was composed of a great multitude of parcels, of Consciousnesses, none of them was perceiving himself. There was indeed a certain self-consciousness, but totally melted in the Consciousness of the whole, and the whole was perceiving himself through his myriads of parcels.

Now, each Consciousness, reverberated through the mirror of the idea of non-Being, perceived himself as a distinct entity, the "i am" or ego, who appeared as an exteriorized reflection of the Consciousness, confronted with the shadow of his own negation ("i am not" or non-ego), implied by the fact that his birth, his appearance, was conditional upon the idea of non-Being. On that basis, each "i am" perceived the other one as the "other", the "i am not". Similarly in the Vertical plane, the Original Person was not perceived anymore as our Ultimate Self, the Primordial Consciousness, but as the great "Other". Such is the situation of the ego in the four-squared "existential square", of which two are white and two are black (the ideas having colors in their own dimension), as follows:

The Existential Square: 1. Being 2. non-Being 3. i am 4. i am not.

("Being" here means "Consciousness")

Finding himself confronted with his own negation, the ego experienced a four-fold torment:

"i am" in front of "i am not": shame;

"i am not" threatens "i am": fear ;

"i am" surrounded by "i am not": loneliness;

"i am, i am not, i am, i am not...": boredom.

Shame, fear, loneliness, boredom, which appear as black ideas, are the four primordial plagues, manifestations of the torment.

Original Hebrew:

כדי לברח מהצער, האני התעצם.


Kdey liβroaĥ mehaşa‘ar, haani hit‘aşem.

English Translation:

To escape the torment the ego affirmed himself.


Striving to escape from this torment, the ego rebelled, affirmed himself.

This affirmation of ego, which appears as a red idea, manifests itself in four evil ideas, also red, mothers of all those of the same nature which will derive from them:

pride, to escape from shame;

violence, to escape from fear;

the affirmation of separated ego ("i am self-sufficient"), to escape from loneliness;

desire (the egotistic desire, distinct from the pure desire which stems from the Spirit), to escape from boredom.

Original Hebrew:

אז נתנו לו הבן והבת את רעיון ההתעוררות.


Az natnu lo haBen vehaBat et Ra‘yon haHit‘orerut.

English Translation:

Then the Son and Daughter gave him the Idea of Awakening.


As we were thus locked in the prison of negation and affirmation, the Son and Daughter sent us the Idea of Awakening, Expression of Their Spirit of Resolution, Spirit of Unity Which is Love.

The Idea of Awakening has the power to integrate us as ego to the Dimension of Unity, in the Horizontal plane, that of our Relationship between one another, and in the Vertical plane, that of our Relationship with the Original Person.

The Idea of Awakening, the Principle of Resolution, appears as a green Idea. It opposes the four red, evil ideas by the four Virtues, of green color:

in front of pride, It presents Humility

in front of violence, Gentleness

in front of the affirmation of separated ego, Openness

in front of desire, Renunciation.

The four Virtues bring about four major Realizations, "Lights" or "Truths", ideas of white color, which lie at the basis of the Virtues.

By Humility, we realize that " we are all the same " and the initial plague of shame is resolved. This realization, in the Horizontal plane, is that of the fundamental Unity of the Cosmic Consciousness, summarized in the unique and primordial Consciousness, who had been multiplied; and in the Vertical plane, our real identity as parcel of the Divine is realized.

By Gentleness, we realize that " the Peace of The Divine surrounds us ", and the initial plague of fear is resolved.

By Openness, we realize that " we are all together in His Unity ", and the initial plague of loneliness is resolved.

By Renunciation, we realize that " everything, here and now, is in Him and belongs to Him ", and the initial plague of boredom is resolved.

Separated emanation of the Consciousness, the ego is born of the fecundation of the idea of non-Being (his "mother") by the Consciousness (his "father"). Therefore he is not, like the Consciousness, "Son of the Divine", for he is born in and by separation, and his nature is contradictory. But since proceeding from Consciousness, he is of divine origin and must ultimately be integrated to Eternal Unity, become Son or Daughter of the Divine, by incorporating the Principle of Awakening . He is called to die to himself, to his separated self, on the spiritual Cross, in pure Love for the Divine (this is the vertical current) and for all of Humanity (this is the horizontal current) and be reborn in the Divine Reality.