- Eighth Verse Part 2 -

Original Hebrew:

(כך נולד רעיון אי- ההויה, אשר יצא מהאישיות המקורית

ירד בסלם השמים והגיע אל שכל האדם


(Kaķ nolad ra‘yon i-haHAWAYA, ašer yaşa mehaIŠIYUT HAMEQORIT,

yarad beSulam haŠamayim vehigia‘ el Seķel haADAM.

English Translation:

(Thus was born the Idea of non-BEING which, emanating from the ORIGINAL PERSON,

descended the Ladder of Heavens and arrived at the Human Mind.


Immediately after "which Wisdom admits", a temporal Parenthesis is opened, in which He and She Above appear as "fixed" in the same Second, while the Time Below becomes accelerated in relation to Theirs. From then on, this Time Below will be called "World of Hypotheses", meaning the whole duration of the Temporal Parenthesis, based on the envisaging of the idea of non-Being, the primordial Hypothesis.

The idea of non-Being descends to He and She Below, then "Anointed" by the BREATH for the Great Work of Resolution. Until then, the Original Person was always in the Instant, the Plan (or rather, the Logic of the Unfolding, contained in and stemming from Unmanifest BEING) unveiling Itself naturally, Step after Step. Now, because They must resolve the idea of non-Being, it is necessary for He and She to embrace the Consciousness of the whole Unfolding of BEING.

So They integrate Their Superconsciousness, immerse Themselves in the total Dimension of Their Eternal Book. With the Realization of the Eternal Book, They receive the Vision of the Plan of Resolution, which implies the descent of the idea of non-Being to Man.

Man, Link between the World Above and the World Below, is Bearer and Witness of their Unity. It is to him that the Mission to carry Below the Problem and its Resolution is entrusted.

As he is a partial Expansion, at the meeting point of Heavens and Earth, and is composed of a multitude of parcels , his dimension is characterized by duality and multiplicity, which originally bear witness of the most complete Unity. The fact of tasting the dualistic, separatist, idea of non-Being will bring him into an illusory duality, out of the consciousness of Unity.

That Man has to experience separation from the Original Person proves to be the painful but necessary condition of the development of the Process of Resolution.

The World thus subjected to the separation will become the field of development of the hypotheses relative to the idea of non-Being, of the conflict it will bring about there. But the World will also become the Field of the Resolution, proclaimed by Man restored to Unity at the end of the Process. Bearer and Witness of the original displayed Unity, Man will also be the Bearer and Witness of Unity triumphing over separation, and from the World Below, he will convey to the Father and Mother Above the Message of the Accomplished Work.

The Trial of separation, through which Man, part and parcel of the Whole, will have to pass, is ultimately that of the Original Person Himself, for He and She are the Unique in all of Their Manifestations.

They then make the idea of non-Being descend from Heaven to Heaven, down to Man. This is the "tree of the Knowledge of good and evil" in the "Garden of Eden".

The idea of non-Being appeared to us as a new idea to taste, but our Wisdom advised us prudence. The interdiction to taste it (Genesis 2:17) is allegorical; it means the perception of the negative principle represented by the idea of non-Being. But our Intelligence, "Eve", "tempted by the Serpent" which symbolizes the dynamism of Intelligence, immediately pointed out that this idea could give rise to developments, be appreciated and meditated on. She intuitively perceived that it would allow a projection into a new dimension of existence, a kind of journey "on the other side of the mirror". The idea of non-Being is negative, but the fact to taste it "is", thus increasing the manifestation of BEING, which our Wisdom admitted.

In alignment with the Dialogue which took place between He-Who-Is and She-Who-Is, the Universal Man held this dialogue, each feminine half in her Intelligence, each masculine half in his Wisdom. Each one united to their other half, we held this dialogue, all of us at the same time, being the same in all.