- Tenth Verse -


Original Hebrew:

ומפרק אלהים את העולם, ארץ ושמים, ושוב המקום ריק.

אז כל התגלויות האב עולות לתוכו,

נהיות שוב אחד (בו), הוא עצמו שוב.

ובשמחה נאמרה אמרת השיבה:

ואנו לבסוף ערים

ואנו מאחדים לנצח!

אחרת חלם העולם.

לבדו שוב יהוה הוא-אשר-הוה


Umfareq ELOHIM et ha‘Olam, Ereş veŠamayim, vešuβ haMaqom req.

Az kol Hitgaluyot haAβ ‘olot leTOĶO,

niyot šuβ EĤAD (BO), HU ‘AŞMO šuβ.

UβeSimĥa neemara Imrat haŠiβa:

VeAnu liβsof ‘erim

VeAnu meuĥadim laNeşaĥ!

Aĥarit Ĥalom ha‘Olam


English Translation:

And the CREATOR undoes the World, Earth and Heavens, and Space becomes void once again.

Then all the Manifestations of the FATHER ascend into HIM,

becoming ONE (in) HIM again, HIMSELF again.

And with Joy is pronounced the Sentence of Return:

And We are at last awake

and We are united for Eternity!

End of the Dream of the World.



In the Tenth Step (Capricorn), the Father and Mother reintegrate the World, and all Their Expansions and parcels, in Themselves. They are Alone again, with the Memory of having been all of Their Manifestations, down to Their human parcels, and simultaneously with Their own Memory of He and She, the Original Person.

The Memory of Their Manifestation is more than a mere remembrance. Actually, though in the Curve of Time it reintegrates Them in the Tenth Step, it is eternal, as the whole Eternal Book is eternal. Also, the Dimension of the Renewed Human Being who has reintegrated Them is now totally infused in Themselves, not in a differentiated manner, but as a "living imprint". And it is in this "New Form" that They live the two final Steps, the Conclusion of Their Eternal Book.