- Eleventh Verse -


Original Hebrew:

ומתבוננים הוא-אשר-הוה והיא-אשר-הוה

על שבתם לראשת אשר הם מחליטים לקים

ואשר נגלתה להם,

על סים ספורם,

על ספורם הניצחי

וברכים הם בשמם


Umitbonenim Hu-Ašer-Howe veHi-Ašer-Howa

‘al Šiβatam laRešit ašer Hem maĥlitim leqayem

veašer nigleta laHem,

‘al Siyum Sipuram,


Uβruķim Hem biŠMAM

English Translation:

And meditate He-Who-Is and She-Who-Is

on Their Return to the Origin which They decide to accomplish

and which is revealed to Them,

on the Conclusion of Their Story,


And blessed are They in Their NAME


In the Eleventh Step (Aquarius), He and She, after having reintegrated the World in Themselves, consider the conclusion of the Curve of Return: Their Return to Their Unmanifested State.

From then, They meditate on the Eternal Instant That They will reintegrate and Which, eternally, implies Time: They then realize the Eternity of Their Story. This is not to be mistaken with a "perpetuity", which would mean: Beginning, Unfolding, End, Return to the Undifferentiated; then, "new" Beginning, Unfolding, etc..., an "infinity of repetitions" of the Story, this being a perception of Eternity filtered through the identification with relative time. Time reintegrates the Instant at the End of the Eternal Book: there is therefore only ONE Story, eternally manifested. Thus, there is no eternal "re-beginning", but Eternal Beginning: it is "each time" "the First Time".

After having meditated on the aspect of Eternity of Their Eternal Book, He and She are immersed in the Dimension of all Its Unfolding. They absorb Themselves in Their Story, including the Twelfth Step which They have not yet accomplished. They are immersed in the Consciousness of Their Eternal Book, as He and She Below had been in the Eighth Step.

This Consciousness of the Eternal Book was actually present in Them since the Ninth Step, from the moment They had absorbed the Book of Hypotheses, which contains all the Experience of He and She Below during the Eighth Step, including Their Immersion in the Eternal Book, but its imprint had become unmanifested, the Logic of the Unfolding of the BREATH implying that He and She Above would receive the Revelation of the Eternal Book in Their Eleventh Step.

Now all is revealed, and becoming aware of Their Eternal Book, He and She recover the Totality of Their Memory. It is at the same time Discovery and Rediscovery. Here is ultimately lifted the “Veil” which from the Beginning of Their Story “tempers” the Flow of the Revelation, so that it would be gradual and reach its fullness in the Eleventh Step.

Simultaneously, in the Eighth Step already, He and She as the Son and Daughter, and Their Expansions, including Their Human Parcels, experience this “Lifting of the Veil”, thus being conscious of the Totality before He and She Above. This is a Divine Game between the Source and His Manifestation, which stems from this Relationship between Unmanifested and Manifested BEING: Manifested BEING is the Consciousness of Unmanifested BEING, His “Witness”.

In the supreme Effusion of the BREATH, He and She, vibrating in the Frequency of Their Superconsciousness, are quenched with the "Water of Life" of Their Eternal Book.

They experience the Ecstasy of the Ultimate Illumination, of the Realization of Eternal Time, of Eternity in Time, of Time in Eternity, of Time which is none other than the Instant, the Eternal Moment, unfolded in Its Eternal Circle.

Their Eternal Book, Which is THEMSELVES in Their "FORM of TIME", the "FORM of TIME" of Their BREATH.

This is Their Ultimate Realization of Their Reality, Their Ultimate Self-Realization.

They have displayed all of Their Potencies, have brought to Light and realized all That is hidden eternally in Their Unmanifested State, They have fulfilled Their Own Mission, the Aim of Their Manifestation. This is the End of Their “Evolution”, of Their gradual Realization of Their Reality, of THEMSELVES, throughout Their Eternal Story. It is the Crowning of Their Existence.