- Twelfth Verse -


Original Hebrew:

התמוגגות מאהבה אחרונה

בהיפוך הם אמרים את האמר,

המדות נספגות לתוך ההויה, לתוך

הקיום הכליל


Hitmogegut meAhaβa Aĥarona

Behipuķ Hem omrim et haOMER,

haMidot nispagot letoķ haHAWAYA, letoķ


English Translation:

Ultimate Ecstasy of Love

Inversely They pronounce the WORD,

the Attributes resorbing Themselves into BEING, into



In the Twelfth Step (Pisces), He and She fusion in Their Ultimate Union of Love, and, with the sense of the Eternity of Their Story, that They have experienced in the Eleventh Step, They inversely pronounce Their Word, reintegrate Their Undifferentiated State.

BEING is Love; because He is Love, from ONE He becomes TWO, reveals Himself to Himself as He and She; and the "Game" of Their Love takes place. And because He is Love, from TWO He becomes ONE again. Such is the Eternal Heartbeat of BEING, of the Primordial Thinker, Whose Eternal Manifestation is the Eternal Book, the Eternal "Exhale-Inhale" of Love.

Thus ends the Eternal Book. It ends, eternally. And It begins, eternally. For It is the Eternal Story of He-Who-Is and She-Who-Is, the ONE and ETERNAL BEING.

All Glory to He-Who-Is and She-Who-Is,

the Eternal BEING!

All Glory to Their Eternal Book!

Original Hebrew:


ה ו י ה






English Translation:



(In the Beginning)