- First Verse -


Original Hebrew:

(עתה לא יודעת הויה את עצמה ו)רוצה לדעת את עצמה

כדי לדעת את עצמה הוא אמר את מדותיו


(‘Ata lo yoda‘at HAWAYA et ‘AŞMO ve) roşe lada‘at et ‘AŞMA

Kdey lada‘at et ‘AŞMA HU OMER et Midotav

English Translation:

(Now BEING does not know HIMSELF and) desires to know HERSELF

To know HERSELF HE enunciates HIS Attributes


He is, eternally, NOW, beyond Time, pure BEING, Infinite Ocean of Bliss, containing all His Blissful Reality in an undifferentiated manner; and since He is absolutely ONE, and undifferentiated, beyond any distinction subject-object, though the Essence of Knowledge is in Him, as simple, ineffable, perception of BEING, He is beyond Knowledge.

He, BEING, the ONE, eternal blissful Reality, is essentially BEAUTY, LOVE; now Beauty has to be seen, Love to be shared... in His Eternal Moment, His Bliss "overflows": He experiences the Desire to Know Himself, to perceive Himself manifestly.

This is the start of the First Step of the Eternal Book (which is symbolized by the sign of Aries).

This Desire of BEING to know Himself is first of all a felt Emotion, and then appears as a Question, "Who Am I?", whose Answer, which is immediate, is: "I Am!". This is the emergence of the Consciousness of the One BEING. From this point of sudden Self-Awareness, becomes aware of all His Attributes , while enunciating, naming Them.

These are the Ten Attributes, Which together constitute the WORD, and include Masculine, Feminine, and Axial Attributes:

The Ten Attributes

The knowledge of the Ten Attributes has been conveyed in the Qabala (Kabbalah), the mystical tradition of Israel, as the Ten “Sefirot”:

Keter (literally - Crown): Consciousness; Ĥoķma: Wisdom; Bina: Intelligence; Ĥesed: Grace; Gβura: Force; Tifʼeret: Beauty; Neşaĥ: Triumph; Hod: Glory; Yesod: Foundation; Malķut (literally - Kingdom): Space.

The Couple of Attributes Wisdom and Intelligence is the Dimension of Reason; Grace and Force: Emotion; Triumph and Glory: Accomplishment. Consciousness, Reason, Emotion, Beauty, Accomplishment, Foundation, Space, constitute the Seven Letters of the Primeval Name of BEING.

BEING, in His pure Joy and Spontaneity, reveals Himself to Himself, in His Ten Attributes, in the Seven Letters of His NAME, and this throughout the whole Range of Perception.

Thus, each Attribute is pronounced in Color, Musical Sound, Perfume, Taste, Speech Sound, Number and Touch Perception, which are as many inter-corresponding Expressions of the One Principle.

Let us cite only the Numbers and Colors of the Attributes:

(Feminine) (Axial) (Masculine)
Light Pink

 Light Blue




Amber, also the color of honey, is the fusion of all the colors. It is the color of Beauty, and of Unmanifested BEING, as shown in the representation below, where Amber appears both as the central Attribute/Letter of the Name, and as the background.

Both Amber and White contain all the colors, Amber on the mode of undifferentiation, of the Unmanifest, and White on the mode of differentiation, of the Manifest. In the material plane, they correspond to the two modes of mixing colors:

Amber to the mixing of pigments of primary colors; and White to the mixing of the primary colors of light (all the colors of the Rainbow being different frequencies of the basic white light).

The White Light emerges first from the Amber, the Unmanifest, carrying the variety of Colors, that through It come to exteriorization.

The color of Foundation is Rainbow, with a predominance of Green. Green is in a sense the “specific” color of Foundation, as the other colors composing the Rainbow are already present in other Attributes . So sometimes the color of Foundation is referred to as Rainbow, sometimes as Green, sometimes as “Green Rainbow”, or “Rainbow-Green”.

The Seven Letter NAME
(Appears and is read from Right to Left)

note: Obviously the limited tools available to us in this material plane - even if they were of the highest level of sophistication – cannot fully render this Dimension, but this representation is presented here, so as to give some sense of It.

The Seven Letter Name: Consciousness, Reason, Emotion, Beauty, Accomplishment, Foundation, Space.

BEING reveals Himself to Himself, appears as WORD, NAME, while simultaneously retaining His Undifferentiated Aspect, Which is the “Background”, the Place, in Which He manifests Himself.