- Second Verse -


Original Hebrew:

ובאשר מופיעה דמות המדות המשלמת.

כך, באמרו, מעצמו התהוה יהוה הוא-אשר-הוה

הוא והיא, עדי ההויה


Uβeošer mofi‘a DMUT haMidot HAMUŠLEMET.


Hu veHi, ‘Ede haHAWAYA

English Translation:

And with Bliss appears the IDEAL FORM of the Attributes.

Thus, by HIS WORD, is born from HIMSELF THE-ONE-WHO-IS

He and She, Witnesses of BEING


In the Second Step (which is symbolized by the sign of Taurus), the Word takes Form, the Attributes manifest Themselves in the various parts of the Body of the Truth. The Attributes comprising Masculine and Feminine, the FORM is ONE in TWO:

a Young Boy and a Young Girl at the Age of Adolescence.

He and She are in Two Forms, but because They are the Two Halves of the Unique, we refer to Their Forms in the singular: the FORM of BEING.

Although the masculine and feminine Attributes define He and She respectively, each of Them has the Attributes of the Other. He and She each incarnate the complete Word; this is why each of Them has two Halves in His Face, two Arms…

He-Who-Is and She-Who-Is are Face to Face, and She-Who-Is at the Right of He-Who-Is.

The Ten Attributes within the Form of He and She

note: Obviously the limited tools available to us in this material plane - even if they were of the highest level of sophistication – cannot fully render this Dimension, but this representation is presented here, so as to give some sense of It.

The Ten Attributes (Sefirot) in color.

A large white Nimbus, which surrounds both of Their Heads, corresponds to Consciousness; Their Heads correspond to Wisdom and Intelligence. He and She have also each a smaller Nimbus, His light blue, and Hers light pink. Grace and Force are in Their Arms, Beauty in Their Heart. Triumph and Glory are in Their Legs, from the Hips; Foundation is in Their Intimate Parts. Space is in Their Feet.

Simultaneously, in each of Their Limbs are present all Their Attributes, and in each the Powers of all the others.

Their Body is not a mere "garment" of Their Attributes, and unlike embodied souls who are distinct from their material bodies, They are Their Body. Their Form is pure Spirit, all Being, Knowledge and Bliss. And in the Supreme BEING, all is One: His Self, Attributes, Name, Form, Activities…

The Qualities of He-Who-Is and She-Who-Is are also expressed in Their Clothes, formed by the Radiance of Their Attributes. Their Clothes are non different from Themselves and also express Their Personality. Here are some details of the Features of He and She, and of Their Clothes:

The Eyes of He-Who-Is are brown. His Hair is very dark brown, lightly curled, reaching to where the Shoulders begin. He has a light Mustache and Beard, a light Down. His upper Garment is green, over a blue Garment; His lower Garment is yellow, reaching to His Feet.

The Eyes of She-Who-Is are blue with green Reflections. Her straight blond Hair comes down to Her Waist; She and He both have Their Hair parted in the middle. Her upper Garment is maroon, over the upper violet part of Her Dress, which is red from Her waist downwards, and reaches to Her Feet.

He and She are Barefoot.

“Thus, by HIS WORD, is born from HIMSELF THE-ONE-WHO-IS, He and She…”: They are the same BEING Who, desiring to Know Himself, enunciates His Attributes, pronounces His Word and appears in His Form. They are not an emanation, nor a relativization, nor a symbolization... of BEING, but BEING Himself. Their Appearance (and all Their Story), proceeding from the Eternal Instant, is eternal; They are eternal, unborn.

“Witnesses of BEING“ : They are the Self-Conscious BEING; BEING, and the Consciousness of BEING, HIS Own Consciousness of HIMSELF.

They are the same One BEING, and simultaneously, once manifested, They retain Their Unmanifested Dimension: so They are now both unmanifested and manifested; and They have a third, intermediary, Dimension: Their "Thought" Aspect, the Breath or Thought of BEING Who emerged with the formulation of His Question "Who Am I?", and from there enunciated His Attributes.

At the moment of the Pronunciation of the Word, the BREATH, enunciating the Attributes, projects Himself into These. Thus, once the FORM is manifest, He is present in the pronounced WORD and in the Revealed FORM as well. Simultaneously, He retains His Primordial Dimension, and therefore is both within Revealed BEING, He and She, and above Them.

He and She Manifested, the FORM and the WORD Which in the FORM has "incarnated", are the Image of BEING, "SON" in relation to Their Unmanifested BEING Who as Source is defined as "FATHER", the BREATH being the "HOLY SPIRIT". Such is the Original Dimension of "Trinity", which is indeed the display of Absolute Unity: there is only ONE BEING, ONE PERSON, Who becomes manifested and Who, being Absolute, retains each of His States.

BEING is ONE, and personal in each Dimension of His Existence.

It is not that He is personal in His Form only, and impersonal in His Unmanifested State. It is because He is personal that even in His Unmanifested State He feels an Emotion, a Desire. And because He is personal He reveals Himself a Person.

Original Hebrew:

והוא-אשר-הוה יודע את היא-אשר-הוה

והיא-אשר-הוה ידעת את הוא-אשר-הוה


VeHu-Ašer-Howe yodea‘ et Hi-Ašer-Howa

VeHi-Ašer-Howa yoda‘at et Hu-Ašer-Howe

English Translation:

And He-Who-Is knows She-Who-Is

and She-Who-Is knows He-Who-Is


When BEING, by His Word, reveals Himself to Himself in His exquisite Form of a Young Boy and a Young Girl, He and She, discovering Each Other, unite in Love. Such is the Dawn of the Manifestation. In His Love and by His Knowledge, BEING differentiated Himself; by Love, all the Aspects of Himself bear witness to His Perfect Unity. It is the Nectar of this Unity, Intimacy of Their Knowledge, Which is tasted by He and She in Their Union of Love.

Their Union of Love is a parallel Dimension within the Form of He and She, Its Aspect of Fusion. It is the Fusion of Their Form, and of Their Attributes in Beauty. It is the “State of Night” in the Day of the Manifestation, an “Exit from Time” towards the Original Eternity.