- Letter Based Representations -

The 11 - 1616- 11 Letters of the Eternal Book


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This is the same representation as in the previous page (The Wheel of the Eternal Book), but with the blue coloring of the Text and with orange initials, for a distinct reading of each word, whereas in the previous page, the Text is colored by row and not by Word, to emphasize the structure of the Letters of the Eternal Book.

In this representation, the Primordial, or Central Verse, and the Realm of the 12 Verses are seen in a distinct way, as on the Wheel ; the Central Verse appears twice, to indicate the Dimension of the Eternal Instant before and after the Manifestation of Time, but it is indeed only ONE.

All the Letter Based representations presently shared here besides this one (and the Holy Verses on the Wheel, to which it is directly parallel) differ, in that the Central Verse and the 12 Verses appear as part of the same flow of Letters, not distinct as in this one.

In general, there are standing purple lines that are there to distinguish between Verses.

The two green standing lines indicate the beginning and end of the Parenthesis of the Eighth Step, the Time we are in now, and which is One Second for He and She Above.

The Vertical Double Pyramid of 26 Squares


The Horizontal Double Pyramid of 26 Squares


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These are representations of the 1638 Letters as 26 squares, two pyramids of 13 squares each:

1²+ 2²+ 3²+ 4²+ 5²+ 6²+ 7²+ 8²+ 9²+ 10²+ 11²+ 12²+ 13²+

13²+ 12²+ 11²+ 10²+ 9²+ 8²+ 7²+ 6²+ 5²+ 4²+ 3²+ 2²+ 1²

The sum of the squares of the numbers from 1 to 13 is:

1 +4 +9 +16 +25 +36 +49 +64 +81 +100 +121 +144 +169 = 819, and 819 x 2 = 1638.

How to read the Vertical Double Pyramid:

First the Alef א at the top, then proceed to the line below and read from right to left, Hey ה and then Waw ו; then next line below, read from right to left, Yod י and then Hey ה; and so on.

How to read the Horizontal Double Pyramid:

First the Alef א at the far right, then proceed to the column to the left and read from top to bottom, Hey ה and Waw ו; then next column to the left, read from top to bottom, Yod י and then Hey ה; and so on.

Representations of the Cross of the 1638 Letters of the Eternal Book


The Linear Star of the Eternal Book


This is a representation of the Holy Verses in 1633 Letters:

From the Alef א at the start of the Primordial Verse (before the 12 Verses) to the Bet ב, initial Letter of the final Word in the Primordial Verse as appearing at the end (after the 12 Verses).

So, from the Initial of the first Word (the primordial Alef א being also the first Word) to the Initial of the last and 400th Word. As an Initial contains the whole Word, in that Letter Bet ב are also seen the 5 other Letters of the final Word BEREŠIT. Thus in the 1633 are seen the 1638 Letters.

The reading is linear, that is, from right to left, and from top to bottom

The Concentric Star of the Eternal Book


In this representation appear the same 1633 Letters as in the Linear Star, but arranged concentrically. Here, the Initials do not appear in a different color, but the 16 layers around the Center are represented in 4 colors, 4 times (and the Center in yet another color, Amber).

The colors are blue, pink, orange and green; in the first layer, immediately around the Center, 2 shades of blue appear, to show the pattern of first 6 Letters forming an hexagon, and then 6 Letters at the 6 points of the Star.

The Process of Resolution at the Heart of the Eternal Book


The parenthesis of the 8th Step is represented here in purple, surrounded by the rest of the Letters of the Holy Verses, arranged in 3 stars.

The Letter Taw at its center has been highlighted in bold. It is represented by the character +, as in the original Hebrew script, whereas the rest of the text is in modern Hebrew (Ashuri Script), including all the other Taws (represented by the character ת).

This is a representation of the Holy Verses in 1627 Letters: the 1616 Letters of the 12 Verses, and the 11 Letters of the Central/Primeval Verse (like in the representation of the Holy Verses on the Wheel).

Here, the 1627 Letters are arranged in 3 Stars of 433 Letters each, around the 328 Letters of the Parenthesis of the 8th Step:

3x433 = 1299, 1299+328 = 1627.

In this representation, the Time we are literally in now, the Time of Evolution and Resolution, graphically appears in the Middle: this is the Median Line:


With spaces between the words it reads:

ובאחרית תולדות ההתפ+חות והפתרון מנצח האור



Uβeaĥarit Toldot Hahitpatĥut Vehapitaron Menaşeaĥ Haor


In English:

And at the End of the Story of Development and Resolution Triumphs the Light.


This Median Line extends beyond the global shape of the representation, as an “elongated Horizon”, emphasizing the particular Dimension of the Work of Resolution experienced by Humanity.

At the center of the Median Line is the letter Taw, appearing at the center of the Word ההתפתחות, Hahitpatĥut, Development. The root of the word is פתח, PaTaĤ, to open, which can also be vocalized PeTaĤ, meaning “an opening”. At the center of this PeTaĤ/Opening is the + Taw, which represents the Cross.

It illustrates the centrality of the Cross in the Work of Resolution, the centrality of the human ego who dies to himself, to his separated state which expresses the principle of separation, and is reborn as Proclaimer of Unity for He and She Above.

This conscious embracing of the Cross by the human is the crucial point in the whole Evolution, in the whole Process of Resolution.

This also emphasizes the centrality of Hahitpatĥut, the Principle of Evolution.

This is so not only in regards to the parenthesis of Scorpio, but in regards to the whole Eternal Book, as indeed in the Eighth Step, through the Human, the Divine Himself achieves a new Dimension of His Own Reality.

The One BEING, the Father and Mother, “Evolve” throughout Their Eternal Story. Though They do not “change”, but rather more and more realize, experience, bring to manifestation, all that is Themselves from all Eternity.

So surrounded by the 3 Stars is the Parenthesis of Scorpio, with the Median Line literally appearing in the middle; this is the Place of the Evolution for the Triumph of the Light; this is where we are, Now, in this Phase of the Eternal Book…