More on the Deep Dimension of
the Parenthesis of Scorpio

The Letters of the Eternal Book arranged in 3 stars around the parentheses of Scorpio in the middle.

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First, let us look at the mathematical structure of this representation:

On top of the central portion (appearing in purple) is the Word כך KaĶ, Thus, which starts the Parenthesis of Scorpio (“Thus is born the Idea of non-Being”…), and is made of 2 Letters. Then 10 Lines of : first 10 Letters, then 11, then 12, etc, and finally 19, totaling 145 Letters; then the Median Line of 36 Letters; then again 145 Letters on 10 Lines in a reverse order (19 Letters, then 18, then 17, etc, and finally 10).

So 2, 145, 36, 145 Letters, on a total of 1+10+1+10 = 22 Lines.

145 is a particular Number, which in several ways displays 10, the Number of Attributes, as well as the Number of Space:

- the sum of its digits (1+4+5) is equal to 10.

- it is the “projection of 10”. The “projection” of a Number is the sum of the Numbers starting with that Number, the length of that sum being equivalent to the Number. For instance the projection of 3 is the sum of the 3 Numbers 3, 4, and 5 (= 12); the projection of 4 is the sum of the 4 Numbers 4, 5, 6, and 7 ( = 22).

- it is the sum of 1!, 4!, 5!, meaning: the factorials of 1, 4 and 5; the factorial of a Number being the product of all the Numbers from 1 to that Number.

So in this case:

1! = 1x1 = 1

4! = 1x2x3x4 = 24.

5! = 1x2x3x4x5 = 120.

1+24+120 = 145.

36 is also a particular Number, which has the rare characteristic of being both a square and a triangle (the square of 6 and the triangle of 8).

So 2 “Hemispheres” of 145 Letters, above and below the Median Line (“Horizon”, or “Equator”) of 36 Letters. And 2 Letters on top.

The fact of the particular display of the Numbers 10 (Space) and 8 (Glory, and also the Number of the Step of Scorpio) is evocative of the fact that within the Parenthesis of Scorpio takes place the Time of Development and Resolution, referred to as “World of Hypotheses”.

Let us now see a closeup of the representation, focusing only on the 328 Letters of the Parenthesis:


The כ Kaf (1st Letter) and the ם Mem (last Letter) are highlighted in green; the ו Waw and the ר Reš at the beginning and at the end of the Median Line are highlighted in pink.

The exact midpoint between the כ Kaf and the ם Mem (so the actual center of the 328 Letters of the Parenthesis) is between the פ Pe and the + Taw of the root פתח/ פ+ח PaTaĤ (“to open”), within the Word ההתפתחות / ההתפ+חות HaHiTPaTĤUT (“Development”, and also “Evolution”) within the Median Line; this midpoint is represented by a green coloring of the shared wall of the cells containing the פ Pe and the + Taw; green, as it is also the color of the כ Kaf and the ם Mem.

The exact midpoint between the ו Waw and the ר Reš (so the actual center of the 36 Letters of the Median Line) is between the + Taw and the ח Ĥet of פ+ח PaTaĤ; it is represented by a pink coloring of the shared wall of the cells containing these 2 Letters; pink, as it is also the color of the ו Waw and the ר Reš.

So the + Taw appears between the green and the pink walls, which shows that it is the synthetic center of the whole representation: between the center of the 328 and the center of the 36 Letters. It is at the intersection of two special words: כ+ם / כתם KeTeM and ו+ר/ ותר VaTeR.


כ Kaf, +/ת Taw and ם Mem define the Word כ+ם / כתם KeTeM, which means both “stain” and “Gold”, and alludes to the Alchemy taking place in the Parenthesis of Scorpio, whereby the “stain” of the fragmentation and darkness is transmuted into the “Gold” of the achieved New Harmony, by the + Taw, the Cross. It is the alchemy of the death to one’s separated ego, and rebirth in the true Identity as spiritual part and parcel of our Heavenly Father and Mother, Participant in Their Cause.

It is due to the fact that this Taw has the actual meaning of the Cross that it is represented as +, as in the original Hebrew (or Phoenician) script.

כ+ם/ כתם KeTeM can also be seen as the combination of the two words כ+/כת KaT (the Letters כ Kaf and +/ ת Taw) and תם/+ם ToM (the Letters +/ ת Taw and ם Mem): כ+/כת KaT meaning “section”, “fragmentation” (as in the English “to cut”), and תם/+ם ToM meaning Wholeness. So the whole alchemical process is: from fragmentation to Wholeness, by the Cross.

We can also see that the same Word, read backwards, is מתך MuTaĶ, which means “Melted”, “Molten”

כתם מתך, KeTeM MuTaĶ, Molten Gold…This symbolizes the Fusion, the fulfillment of the Transmutation achieved through the Fire of the Cross.

Additional note:

The word KeTeM appears also from another perspective: the + Taw is also the literal midpoint between the second ך Kaf (pronounced Ķaf) of כך KaĶ and the final ם Mem; hence the golden color for all 3 Letters.


On the horizontal level, ו Waw, +/ ת Taw and ר Reš at the beginning, middle and end of the Median Line define the Word ו+ר/ ותר VaTeR, which means “Renounce” (either the verb to renounce, or the injunction: Renounce). It is the root of the Word ותור ViTUR, Renunciation. The root itself can actually also be vocalized “ViTuR”.

So כ+ם KeTeM and ו+ר VaTeR share their central Letter, the + Taw; in a sense, though the 3 points are not in a straight line, KeTeM can be seen as vertical, and VaTeR as horizontal. So the Taw, which represents the Cross, is at the crossing of the vertical כ+ם KeTeM and the horizontal ו+ר VaTeR.

The + Taw is at the center, both of the Median line, and of the global Parenthesis; but globally, we see that the whole root פ+ח PaTaĤ is at the center, as the 3 Letters פ Pe, + Taw and ח Ĥet are around or within the two midpoints (of the 328 and of the 36 Letters).

The whole Median Line, which indicates the Time we are in Now, the Story of the Evolution and Resolution, in this World, displays ו+ר VaTeR: Renounce. Renunciation to the separated state in this world is the true embracing of the Flow of Life, and brings the Triumph of the Light.

And at the heart of the Median Line is פ+ח PaTaĤ, to open. And at the heart of פ+ח PaTaĤ is the + Taw, the Cross. פ+ח PaTaĤ/ ו+ר VaTeR: to open oneself and die on the Cross, embrace the current of the Vertical and Horizontal Love… Thus is achieved the כ+ם KeTeM, the transcendental alchemical Gold.

Here is another representation of the Parenthesis of Scorpio, of the same 328 Letters:


This is a table of the 328 Letters as 8x41, 41 Lines of 8 Letters, or 8 columns of 41 Lines.

In this representation, the Word ההתפ+חות HaHiTPaTĤUT, which contains the + Taw, central Letter of the whole Parenthesis, fills the entire median Line (= the 21st among the 41 Lines, with 20 lines before and 20 lines after).

In this representation the focus “zooms in” from being on the median line of the present Time of ו+ר VaTer to ההתפ+חות HaHiTPaTĤUT, graphically displaying the centrality of the Principle of Evolution – within the VaTeR, at the center of the KeTeM, the Parenthesis of Scorpio, at the heart of the Eternal Book.