Manifold Representations


The Wheel of the Eternal Book


Basic representation of the Eternal Book as the Wheel of Time

The image/symbol of the Wheel, or Circle, or Disk, to represent Time, is from time immemorial. Most notably, there are references to it in ​ the Vedas and Puranas of India, where the Wheel of Time is evoked, as Emblem/Manifestation of Vishnu or Krishna (the Divine), as Kala Chakra (Wheel of Time) or Sudarshan Chakra (the Wheel of Beautiful Vision).

The Wheel of Time as Wheel of the Zodiac

The structure of the Zodiac has been conveyed by the Tradition of Astrology, also from time immemorial, with the understanding of the meaning of the twelve Signs, as they are reflected in Humanity. 

With the Revelation of the Eternal Book, the Essences of these Archetypes, their meaning on the Level of the Divine, are now revealed. 

The alternating colors in the petals/flames in the representation of the Wheel of Time, as well as in the glyphs of the Signs of the Zodiac, correspond to the four elements Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. This knowledge has been preserved in the Tradition of Astrology, as it is in the twelve Steps of the Eternal Book. Red represents Fire, Green - Earth, Light Blue - Air, and Dark Blue - Water. The center is colored in Amber, representing BEING in HIS unmanifested state.


The 1616 Letters around the Central 11

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