- The Wheel of the Eternal Book -


Basic representation of the Eternal Book as the Wheel of Time

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The image/symbol of the Wheel, or Circle, or Disk, to represent Time, is from time immemorial. Most notably, there are references to it in ​ the Vedas and Puranas of India, where the Wheel of Time is evoked, as Emblem/Manifestation of Vishnu or Krishna (the Divine), as Kala Chakra (Wheel of Time) or Sudarshan Chakra (the Wheel of Beautiful Vision).

The Wheel of Time as Wheel of the Zodiac

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The structure of the Zodiac has been conveyed by the Tradition of Astrology, also from time immemorial, with the understanding of the meaning of the twelve Signs, as they are reflected in Humanity.

With the Revelation of the Eternal Book, the Essences of these Archetypes, their meaning on the Level of the Divine, are now revealed.

The alternating colors in the petals/flames in the representation of the Wheel of Time, as well as in the glyphs of the Signs of the Zodiac, correspond to the four elements Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. This knowledge has been preserved in the Tradition of Astrology as it is in the twelve Steps of the Eternal Book. Red represents Fire, Green - Earth, Light Blue - Air, and Dark Blue - Water. The center is colored in Amber, representing BEING in HIS unmanifested state.


The 1616 Letters around the Central 11


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This is the first of the Letter Based Representations, the most literal of all, in that the 1616 Letters which comprise the 12 Verses are on a wheel, like the 12 Steps.

At the center is the Central Verse, (A) HAWAYA Berešit, (1) BEING (in the Beginning), which represents BEING in His Unmanifested State, in the Eternal Instant around which revolves Eternal Time.

When we speak of the “Eternal Book”, as the literary, written, expression of the Eternal Story, it includes the Central Verse, which is part of the Text; but when we mean “the Eternal Story”, then it refers specifically to the Wheel of Time, to the 12 Steps, springing out from the Eternal instant and returning to It. Therefore, the central Verse is not part of the Wheel of Time, but is at the center of It.

The A (Alef letter) is the first Letter/Word at the Center. Around it are the 4 Letters of the Word HAWAYA (BEING), like a symmetrical cross. Around HAWAYA are the 6 Letters of the Word Berešit (in the Beginning) like a 6 pointed star.

Thus, at the center are the 1+4+6 = 11 Letters of the Central Verse; on the Wheel are the 1616 Letters of the 12 Verses; this is a total of 1627 Letters.

Another way of counting is as when we meditate on, recite or read the Verses of the Eternal Book: we first say/read the Central Verse, then the 12 Verses, and then say/read again the Central Verse. So the total number of Letters then is 11 + 1616 + 11, = 1638.

Notes for reading the Letter Based Representations:

For the ease of the reading, the initials of the Words have been represented Orange, while the following letters are in Blue, enabling to read the Words distinctly.

In all the representations, except for the Punctuated Text, the letter Taw, final letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, appears in one place in its original form of + , instead of the shape of ת used in modern Hebrew. This particular Taw is special, as it is at the center of the parenthesis of Scorpio, as can be best seen in the representation of the The Process of Resolution at the Center of the Eternal Book.

In this representation, the 1616 Letters comprising the 12 Verses are on a circle between 2 circles of different colors:

The outer circle shows the division into 12 Steps, through 3 times the alternating colors Orange, Green, Light Blue and Dark Blue, representing the 4 Elements respectively: Fire Earth Air Water, as in the symbolic representations. Here, however, the division into the twelve Steps is not equal as in the symbolic representations of the Wheel of Time or the Zodiacal Wheel, but varies according to the number of letters comprising each Step.

Another difference is that in the symbolic representations, the 11th Step appears on top, whereas here, the top passes between the 1st Verse and the 12th Verse, situated at its right.

Yet another difference is that here, in the 8th Verse (to which corresponds Scorpio), there is a distinction of 2 colors, Dark Blue and Violet. The Dark Blue is the color used to globally represent the 3 Steps of the Water Element, but in the 8th Step there is the particularity of a “Time within the Time”, or a “Book within a Book”: it is the “Book of Hypotheses”, which is the temporal parenthesis during which takes place the whole process of fragmentation and return to Unity, the whole Work of Resolution, in only One Second in the experience of He and She Above . This Parenthesis within the 8th Step is represented with the color Violet. So in the global 8th Step, we see first Blue, then Violet, and again Blue.

The Inner circle of the 1616 Letters displays 16 equal portions of 101 Letters. They alternate 4 times through the colors Bordeaux, Pink, Green and Light Blue.

This division is better understood when observing the representation below:

The Table of 11-1616-11 Letters


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The 1616 Letters (16x101) are arranged in 101 columns and 16 rows.

These 16 rows are represented with 4 times 4 alternating colors, the same as the 16 portions on the Wheel.