Many have a sense that all Revelations, recorded in all the Holy Scriptures of the world, contain a part of the Truth, and aspire to a unifying vision. Different syncretistic approaches have been proposed, but all are human constructions and leave fundamental questions unanswered. In the present Age of Aquarius, the same ONE Who, in the past, revealed Himself through various modes and enabled Humanity to partly understand Him through different angles, reveals Himself in fullness, enabling us to experience a fully conscious Relationship with Him.

This all-encompassing and unifying Revelation is the Revelation of the Eternal Book. The Eternal Book is the Eternal Story of the One BEING. The Divine has a Story, for He is a Person; He has Attributes, Name, Form, Activities... Which are all spiritual, and eternal, full of Bliss and Knowledge.

The Supreme Entity, or Reality, is often conceived of as being impersonal, devoid of emotion, form, activity... Many think that since in the material world we experience variety, form, personality..., in the spiritual world, and in the Divine, all these must be non-existent. The logic followed is that the spiritual reality must in all respects be opposed to the material one. But in truth everything has its source in the Supreme BEING. He has, and is, all Perfection, and everything emanates from Him. Actually, He is both unmanifested and manifested; in His unmanifested, or hidden, State, He is beyond Time, in an Eternal Instant of pure BEING, and all that is Himself is totally undifferentiated, fusioned, in a Oneness in which no particular Aspect is manifest. And in His manifested State, appear His Name and Form, He experiences Time, performs Activities… Both States constitute His Reality.

Eternally, the One BEING becomes manifest, enters into Time, which is a curve, comprising twelve Steps, the first being the passage from Unmanifested to Manifested, and the last the Return to the Unmanifested State. Manifested and Unmanifested are the two Sides of the Eternal Reality; and the Curve of Time, which proceeds from the Eternal Instant, is therefore also eternal. This is the Eternal Book, of twelve "Chapters" - the "Book of Heavens" symbolized by the wheel of the Zodiac; in the Unmanifested State, It is "closed", and in the Manifested State, It is "opened", "read", by the One BEING; It is His Eternal Experience, His Eternal Story. And as we are part and parcel of Him, it is truly "our Book".

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The blissful Story of the Supreme Person, His Eternal Book, in Its scriptural form as Verses is presented here, as well as a commentary by Omer. Manifold forms of the Verses are shared here as well, illustrating their beauty and perfection.